We have issued, to all students in S5/6, letters regarding Study Leave Arrangements.  The letter gives information on the following:

  • S5 and S6 students will commence study leave on Tuesday 2nd May.  This is the first day of the SQA exams. A full timetable of SQA exams can be found online:  http://www.sqa.org.uk/files_ccc/Exam_Timetable_2017.pdf

  • There will be an Easter Holiday Study Support programme covering 13 subject areas. Although all students are welcome to attend, there may be specific invitations given to students who we feel would benefit from coming to these sessions. Details of subjects and times can be found attached to this letter.  Students should speak with subject teacher or PTC if they wish to attend.

  • A full programme of examination study classes occurring in May is attached to this letter, and will be published on our ‘new’ website soon after the Easter holidays. It is expected that many students taking study days in the lead up to SQA exams will attend these study classes for each subject they are being presented in.  If students are coming in for a study class during one of their study leave they should sign in at the school office. Remember that, as always, teaching staff are available throughout the exam period for support as required.  This is over and above the additional timetabled study classes with many students making informal arrangements to meet with staff. 

To view and download the letter, please click here