The School Values Team has been raising awareness of the importance of core values within the school community recently.   A number of core values were selected through consultation with students, parents and staff.  Student focus groups then developed an acrostic poem using the Core Values (see poster – right). S2 students then used this as the basis for a poster competition in Art and Design. Anay Pollard and Megan Anderson were joint winners of the competition.  Both girls then worked closely with Mr Johnstone to combine elements of each of their designs, creating the poster on the right. This design is now being developed into a ‘pop-up’ poster display by a local business Scotsigns. These ‘pop-ups’ will be placed in key areas around the school. 

The Values Team have also created short video clips on each of the core values. These are being used at morning assemblies and in registration classes to raise awareness, promote discussion and challenge all within the school community to make these values visible in their day to day relationships within the school community. We hope to post these on Twitter in the very near future.   We would strongly encourage all parents and carers to engage your young people in conversations about the importance of these core values in creating a caring community of faith and learning in which all young people can feel safe and valued and can achieve to their fullest potential.